Whelen PAR46 Super-LED Spot Light

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Whelen has introduced the first LED spotlight replacement for the Unity spotlights. It's a drop in replacement for all 6" Unity Spotlights. No more replacing broken or burnt out bulbs. High intensity and uniform light make this a must have for any law enforcement officer.

  • 12 VDC Super-LED spotlight draws only 2.3 amps and provides more lumens per watt than traditional sources:

Whelen Super-LED PAR-46

      • 2000 Lumens
      • 30 Watts

Traditional Halogen Lamp

      • 1000 Lumens
      • 50 Watts
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • Replaceable hard coated polycarbonate lens provides increased durability and longevity.
  • Heavy-duty black powder coated die-cast aluminum heatsink.
  • Industry standard brass slotted head connection point.
  • Unit weighs only 1lb.
  • SAE J1113-42 Class 5 EMI certified.
  • Emits zero EMI.
  • Available in two "Spotlight " patterns either 2 degree or 8 degree spread or in a "WideFlood"  which has a 20 x 60 degree pattern. Place your order now to be the first to receive this exciting new product!