Whelen Liberty II LED Lightbar Solo Series

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Liberty™ II, Solo™ IW WeCan® Series (Patent Pending) Super-LED® Lightbar
With improved optic design and technology, the next generation of Whelen's Liberty Lightbar is tougher than ever. Four Single Color Corner Modules, with Independent Control of each Lighthead.  For use with Single Color Inboard Lighthead Options Only.


● Newly designed all LED lightbar built from the ground up for superb reliability and performance
● Aluminum top shield stays cool, protects the lightbar from nature's elements and directs heat away from internal components
● Center divider(s) with LIM (Liquid Injection Molded) wiper seals assure lightbar integrity in all conditions
● Hard-coated lenses keep the lenses looking new year after year by minimizing environmental damage from the sun, salt, and road chemicals
● The I/O board snaps into brackets. Point to point wiring between the I/O board and each lighthead creates a clean look and allows for easy reconfiguration
● 44" and 48" models have one piece UNI-DOME construction with a single sealing point. Each dome slides onto the aluminum extrusion and wraps around all internal components
● Whelen's exclusive Collimator™ patented design captures, collects and focuses light for unbeaten light output
● Advanced Thermal Design “ATD" reduces the stress on LEDs when dwell time is extended
● WeCan® programmable, allowing for unlimited flash pattern combinations, including SteadyFlash™ for use at nighttime traffic stop/ accident scenes for added protection for officers
● Plug and Play into the CenCom Sapphire™, CanTrol® controller or vehicle manufactured controllers. A WeCan® controller module is supplied for use with other switch centers

● Height without mounting feet is only 2.8"
● Five year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional warranty

Price listed includes only Four Corner Lightheads.

Please Call for pricing on Fully Populated Lightbars and other options.